Sell DDSY188 Single-phase Electronic Prepayment Ki
  • Product:DDSY188 Single-phase Electronic Prepayment Kilowat
  • HS Code:90283090

DDSY188 Single-phase Electronic Prepayment Kilowatt-hour Meter
Brief Description
By applying advanced electronic technology and SMT production process, the product can execute the measurement of A.C. single phase electricity with frequency 50Hz, and has the function of prepayment and multi-tariff and multi-time measurement.
1. Fully electronic measuring of single-phase active electricity
2.Prepayment function
3. Multi-tariff (3 tariffs: flat, valley and peak; 8 time periods)
4. With the function of preventing electric larceny
5. Able to read back the meter data
6. With IC card that has the hardware logic encryption function
7.LCD display, clear and visual
8. Large-capacity magnetic-holding relay
9. The electricity sales management system provided on the matched IC card has complete function of electricity sales management and electricity consumption supervision

Main Functions and Features:
2 (3 or 4) tariff rates (top, peak, flat and valley) and 8 time periods can be set according to the requirements of users. With infrared communication function, complete meter setting and reading through palm computer. LCD Chinese display can be selected depending on user's needs. Excellent measuring feature, plain and straight characteristic curve, wide measuring range and high sensitivity. Flexible communication: automatic data readout and communication function, and users can select 485 communication. Comply with DL/T645 Communication standards or modify the communication standards according to users'requirements. Has the function of indicating phase deficiency and phase failure. Software check and error correction arithmetic is applied, with full automatic calibration. Several software and hardware anti-electromagnetic compatibility measures are applied, to ensure best electromagnetic compatibility performance
Technical Rata of Kilowatt-hour meter model DDSY188
Mode Single phase electric prepayment meter
Rated voltage 220V
Basic current(A) 1.5(6)、2.5(10)、5(20)、10(40)、15(60)
Impulse constsant(imp/kWh) 6400、3200、1600、800、800
Rated frequency 50Hz
Accuracy class 1.0 s 2.0 s
Starting current(%Ib) ≤0.2 ≤0.4 ≤0.3 ≤0.5
Surge immunity ≥6kV
Power loss ≤1.5W,6VA
Install dimension 159×110.5 mm
Outside dimension 188.5×123×77mm
Net weight 1.0kg
Package quantity 10


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