Sell DDSY188 Kilowatt-hour Meter
  • Product:DDSY188 Kilowatt-hour Meter
  • HS Code:90283090
Technical Rata of Kilowatt-hour meter model DSS188
Model DSS188
Basic current Ib
(Maximum current)
1.5(6)A    3(6)A    5(20)A    20(80)A
Rated Voltage 3×100V    3×380V    3×230/400V  3×240/415V
Rated frequency 50Hz  60Hz
Starting current ≤0.4%b
Extreme operating temperature -40℃~+60℃
Operating Temperature -20℃~+45℃
Maximum impulse voltage 8KV

Power loss of voltage coil

≤0.7W  10VA
Power loss of current coil ≤0.6VA
Accuracy reserve 1
Accuracy class Class2.0
Outside dimensions 216×144×68mm
Working life More than 10 years
Net weight 1310g


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